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Pima County Fairgrounds

Fair Tucson's largest event facility featuring concerts, the best NHRA DRAG RACING in Arizona - The Southwestern International Raceway, indoor and outdoor EQUESTRIAN FACILITIES, ASA racing at the new Tucson Raceway Park, RV Parking, 4 large exhibit buildings available for rental and home to the annual PIMA COUNTY FAIR.

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The Annual Pima County Fair, April 16-26, 2015 is Tucson’s largest annual event, featuring concerts, food, exhibits, attractions, car shows, animals and more!

You may think that because it's called the Pima County Fairgrounds, all this 640-acre facility does all year is wait around for the annual fair to sweep through for two weeks. Well, you'd be wrong. Very wrong. It's a common misconception that Fairgrounds are used for nothing more than a yearly fair, but this is highly untrue. While the Pima County Fair should not be overlooked, it should by no means outshine the many other events that take place on the premises. With 4 halls, 2 stages, horse rings/arenas, a cantina, and a livestock barn/ramada, the fairgrounds have ample room to accommodate various events year round.

While a fair is generally predictable with rides, carnival games and cotton candy, the Pima County Fair is not conventional, in the fact that it has some kind of special event going on every day. Whether it is a Wristband night, Demolition derby or sea lion exhibit, no day is ordinary at this fair. If rides aren't your cup of tea, and you can never seem to win a teddy bear, the 4 exhibit halls are filled with things to see and do, keeping everyone busy for hours on end. But much more happens on the Pima County Fairgrounds than most think.

Two of its permanent residents lie just South of the grounds-Southwestern International Raceway (SIR) and Tucson Speedway. These racetracks offer endless weekend activities for the entire family with professional motor races at Tucson Speedway and NHRA at SIR. SIR also offers weekly high school drags for the younger visitors in a safe and controlled environment, while Tucson Speedway hosts spectator events for the race car fan.

But there is much more to the Pima County Fairgrounds than racetracks and a yearly carnival. They are also year round hosts to large outdoor concerts and festivals that appeal to all ages and draw large crowds and will appeal to every member of your family. Animal shows, equipment sales and rallies are some of their other activities, just to name a few. While the fairgrounds may seem to have a clear-cut purpose, they are actually much more than they appear. Rental facilities are available with special rates for weddings and Quincenearas.

For more information and a calendar of events, call (520) 762-9100, visit the fairgrounds website at www.pimacountyfair.com, SIR's website at www.raceswir.com, or Tucson Speedway's site at www.tucsonspeedway.com.
Pima County Fairgrounds: 11300 S. Houghton Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747





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